Who is this mysterious ultra feminine creature?!

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I was checking my stats on Google Analytics and noticed a lot of users end up on this website searching for "luganotrap".

I spent a good hour or so trying to gather information about luganotrap but unfortunately I didn't get much... Here's what I was able to find out though. Please write to if you are luganotrap or know anything else about her that isn't listed here.

Where is she from?

According to her she's from Switzerland!

There's actually a thread archived on this website where she says that. But since it's an old thread I have deleted the contents long ago...

Tumblr, social media... anything?

Unfortunately no. Looks like she's too shy for all of this. From the few threads I was able to dig up I got the impression that she was kinda freaked out by all the attention her photos were getting. There were quite a few cringy "I'm not gay" guys trying to hit on her and saying all sorts of feaky shit...

In case you're wondering she is NOT currently on HRT and has never been. Guess she was just lucky. She did mention something about creating a tumblr and starting a Chaturbate channel, but she had to study hard and had some other business to attend to so she postponed all of that until January 2017??? (maybe 2018, pretty sure 2017). However she is still nowhere to be found :(

Fun fact: she gets mistaken as a girl in real life, but when she starts speaking everyone gets confused. Apparently she has a rather deep and masculine voice.

Fun fact 2: In her own words: "i have of course all the socials but as a male so: not giving to you guys, sorry, i'm still in incognito". Wait what? How do you manage to pull off "guy mode" exactly? ;)

Enough talk. Show me dem pics!

As you wish. Just look at dat ass. It's VERY NOICE

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