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eternal trap/femboy/trans/twink thread - what you are edition


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I don't even know why this is up for debate, though it's probably just another issue used to create division and waste the time of peasants. Males are males and females are females, two distinct creatures with biological differences. I think most reasonable/rational people know this though for those who believe otherwise i ask: at what point does a biological man, in your mind, become a woman? Does putting on a wig, or having long hair make a man a woman? Of course not, we cannot classify anybody with long hair as a woman for there are many men who consider themselves as such who have long hair. Is it the combination of having long hair and wearing make-up? Again, this cannot be true, makeup is used for a variety of purposes that have nothing to do with gender. Is it the combination of having long hair, wearing make-up and wearing a specific style of clothing? IS it speaking a certain way, liking a certain thing, or subscribing to a specific belief? Is a woman merely a costume that anyone, in wearing, can become? No. If i strap a shell to my back and crawl around on all fours, does that make me a turtle? Or if i strap a horn to my forehead and gallop, am i horse? NO, just a dickhead. Such a retarded topic.


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>>919389002 LMAO