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/b/ is a septic tank to hold in retards. People only come here to be used or use others. All of you know /b/ is in terrible state. You bitch about it often. Yet you participate with your actions to it's shittyness. Spreading political propaganda, shitposting porn gooning threads, posting in glowie CP honeytraps. This is you. Either you post that shit or you participate and keep that shit alive. The cancer was never only among us. This is a reminder. It was always you. The average /b/tard who makes /b/ shit.


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>>919261912 I came here because I knew Americams were going to attack the government. I'm normaly good with that because it's corrupt. I knew elections have been cheated since forever. Just a back and forth of cheating on both sides. The wealthy against the citizens. I knew something bad was going to happen but, it was going to happen because Trump is a fucking liar. He's a fucking liar and will get people hurt and killed because they arnt smart enough to understand they have been lied to, tricked, brainwashed. Why do I care? Why in the fuck do I care?!!! Fuck it, because people know it's corrupt on all levels, they know the poor have no hope, no chance, nothing we can do to stop the wealthy from killing us all one way or another. And people just kiss the ass of the wealthy, literally kiss theor ass like they are going to win something! I fucking hate people for being so stupid and blind. I hate the left for being such pussies. I hate the right because if evil actually exists, they are it! I came here because I knkw nothing matters but Anarchy, I love it, but, the wealthy always win, no matter what! Fuck you, fuck them, I'm ashamed to be an American. Why did I sacrifice years of my life, risk my life for the illusion of freedom?! Fuck you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought that maybe it's possible for People to come together, put personal issues aside and fucking fight for our country. That's a fools thought because all that matters is MONEY! Fucking money! People dont matter! Just take all our freedoms! Fuck you government, fuck you 3letters, you pieces of shit, you don't care!!!