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Let's take a break from endless trap and incest threads. Instead, you get to roll the dice with my life. >Health >Gender: Male >Age: 34 >Build: Powerlifter (strongfat) >Finance: > Job : Software Contractor - $170k a year (2 years left on contract) > Job is remote. > $80,000 invested. $6,000 in checking. >Situation I just moved into a studio apartment in a college town. I have no close friends in the area. I have family in a nearby town. >Time Limit : 1 year The only goals I can think of are: > Save/invest money > Get in better shape > Buy a house when the market isn't ass > Bang college sluts and convince as many as possible to let me record it Goals? Direction? Points? Roll the dice /b/. Play my life.


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>>918247701 >When I was your age I made like $90K less, but had a house with a mortgage and like $300K between bank account and company 401K. Dude, millennials lived through 2 recessions. The first one happened right around when they all graduated college. The money also uber inflated. 80k in the 1990s is like 200k now. See pic related. There's a reason home ownership basically stopped at millennial age.


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>>918248777 sage