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Any other bi guys here? I figured it's odd that with the perpetual trap threads and the tribute threads (which are really fucking gay let's be honest bros) that I don't see a lot, if any, of bi guy threads. Post porn or stories or whatever, just wanted to see if there were any responses out there.


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>>905540404 Stories please


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Who wants to suck this dick with her


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>>905543433 Honestly I wear every style. It all depends on what I'm doing. Primarily briefs, boyshorts, bikinis, hipsters, and hi cuts for lounging about and being comfy. Thongs or cheekies for going out since they fit better under clothing. But if I had to pick one I'd say cheekies. They're halfway between thong and bikini so they're just yummy. picrel I'm wearing a brazilian lol


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Does gynephilia count as bi?


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>>905544142 thanks lol. Have one I just took.


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Technically bi. Shit sucks. Wife even let's me suck dick sometimes but it's mainly the taboo factor I got off on. Just to much work sucking uff dudes and holyshit they pushy. Let our friend rub his dick on my ass and he shoved it 8n and it fucking hurt (no shit) and I had to push I'm out and finish jerking to some tiddys. Pissed me off, everytime I was bout to cum he'd start trying to get on my d and dud my orgasm. Gay af experience and seriously considering not doing again. >>Tldr; not as bi as I thought lol


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>>905546114 One last one and I have to run for dinner. enjoy