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Do you hate trannies? Do you hate faggots? Do you want them gone from /b/? If your answers are all an enthusiastic "Yes!", you're in luck: this is YOUR chance to help me in the war I'm waging against them! For far too long, they've been allowed to dwell on this board in the form of their degenerate "trap" coomer threads, taking up precious space in the Catalog and believing themselves to be ingrained in this board's culture. To this arrogance I say: No! You do not belong here nor anywhere else! To begin ridding the world of trannies and faggots, you must start at home: on 4Chan! /b/ must stop accepting this and must put an end to this nonsense once and for all! Since I'm a person of action, I've decided to take initiative and have been spamming these threads for days, which has yielded moderate results but is stilll simply not enough. No matter how powerful and dedicated, a one man army cannot fight off countless hordes. This is where you—yes, you, the anon reading this, come in: I need YOU to help me in this endeavor by spamming their threads or, if you so, desire, do anything else you can to defeat them! You DO have the time! You CAN do it! Anything, no matter how small it may be, helps! Every single pic of an actual woman, every single troonjak, every single YWNBAW, every single ACK counts! So, go out and do it in your nearest trap thread! >inb4 nypa This is not about me; it is about the well-being of this board.


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LEAVE Faggot you are the spammer