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Multiply Bitcoin X10,000 Initial Bet


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Front page threads: 3 trap 3 pro-trump 2 BBC 2 chastity WTF, /b/? When did you get so cucked?


07/10/23(Mon)22:07:38 No.902405710

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>>902405465 >Post something good I try, but the posts fall off the 10 without a response.


07/10/23(Mon)22:13:25 No.902406006

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>>902405710 KEEP GOING DUMBASS. this is an IMAGE BOARD. Post an image with every post, you wide gauge dick hole. Bump threads on the last page. Find the good shit, retard.


07/10/23(Mon)22:23:08 No.902406431

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>>902406006 What are you failing to understand?


07/10/23(Mon)22:28:06 No.902406658

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>>902406431 Your lack of gumption.


07/10/23(Mon)23:08:30 No.902408411

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I'm sorry black daddy,only black lives matter. My useless white balls should be crushed,I'm sorry for being a white shitstain on this planet. Each hit with the hammer is just another pump of my goon stick. I'll never disrespect a black superior ever again


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you know what this is though, right?