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I've been seriously questioning my sexual orientation due to my kinks the last little while and have been unable to come up with answers. Maybe one of you has experience with this. I'll try to make it short. Been into pegging since I was about 15 (almost M19 currently). Gf loved the idea so she's been pegging me for a few months as often as possible and I'm in absolute heaven. I get extremely turned on going through crossdresser threads and am curious about maybe CD myself. When I'm incredibly horny I would be all for sucking off a CD or trap if there was one in front of me, and even maybe fucking/getting fucked by one, but if I'm not raging with desire, I am turned off at the thought of it completely. I'd like to add that I never fantasize about this scenario unless it's with a femboy/crossdresser (same thing? idk), never with a regular gay/bi guy. I also love dressing up slutty (tight briefs, male thongs/g-strings) for my gf as she's obsessed with my ass. I've been kinda turned on by dressing up in women's clothing since I hit puberty and love having a bare lower half (also shave my chest but not for same reason) What's going on here?