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Secrets thread! Post things you would never tell anyone! Part1 I'll start. I've been into self bondage since I was around 13. When I was 19 I got my first apartment, 3rd floor, 8 units per floor with outside and inside stairwells. One time I locked my apartment key in my mailbox (on purpose) which was in a row of mailboxes for which we each had keys for our individual boxes. I went back to my apartment, filled my ass with marshmallows and sealed it in with a buttplug, put on some tight jeans, some nipple clamps under my shirt, a sturdy belt around the jeans, and thumbcuffed my thumbs to the belt. I also ran some twine around my balls to my ankles under the jeans to give juuuuust enough slack so that I could shuffle, but if I tried to take large steps it painfully pulled my balls. Dangerous, I know, but horny is as horny does. I then left my apartment and locked the door behind me. Trapping myself outside until I got the key out of the mailbox.