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>"Would you suck her cock" >"What was your first gay experience?" >"Gay4Tay: Tranny Edition" >"Would you date a trans woman?" >"Eternal trap/femboy/trans thread" my god it just gets worse


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>>899852450 >>899851783


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>>899853107 for starters its projection, only the woke wants the demise of the white race which they shamelessly share on their own platforms withtout getting banned.


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>>899853107 second, nobody is less racist than white people


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>>899853863 >define "woke" A sociocultural and political movement united by a common scapegoat : The Rich-Cis-Straight-White-Man, pretending to be liberal but betraying liberal values like equality and meritocracy for the sake of equity. >promoting being tolerant of others The biggest joke yet.