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I have been on 4chan since 2010. That's right, nearly a decade and a half of browsing this shithole. Not just /b/, but /out/ and /gif/ too. Sometimes even /r9k/ if I'm feeling particularly autistic. I'm here to say that there is a serious sickness that has been growing on this website since the late 2010s. Traps have been a staple on this site since before the days of linetrap, and I understand that some people find raceplay erotic just like any other kink, but Christ, what has happened to us when nearly half of the threads are dedicated to this smut? Its not that its disgusting to me as a concept, its just the frequency of it that's alarming. At first I thought that I was just behind on the current sexual trends with people online, but when every other thread is "white sissy getting railed by real alpha bbc" it makes me question the premise of the poster in question. Are they just sexual deviants, looking for validation? or is there something more sinister going on? My real question is this, are the dregs of society really trending more toward the fetishization of gender dysphoria and racial submission to africans, or is there a larger game being played here? if so, what is the end goal?


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>>899606883 The end game is to get people used to untraditional body modification so that one day they can install electronic devices directly into your body and mind. Read Klaus Schwabs "The Forth Industrial Revolution". This is only the beginning anon. I suggest you prepare yourself for what is coming.


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>>899610513 Your enemy isn't China. It is the WEF.


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>>899610455 This is different. This is no shock game. there are no newfags. this is a sitewide(NSFW only as far as i can tell) shift in the general topic of posting. like i said, traps have always been a mainstay just due to the fringe sexual security that 4chan attracts, but something about the zeitgeist has altered to favor hyper homoerotic, sexual-racial dominance.


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>>899607915 I have never been on /pol/ You can have a discussion without automatically assuming people go to a board you don't like Be better