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There are 3 kinds of threads that have become distressingly common on 4chan. To the point where they are active continually, like clockwork. Someone is at their station every single day churning out these threads, and it's beginning to reek of conspiracy. First, are the BBC threads. Black man/White woman. Subjugation of the white man and cuckoldry. Threads that insist that blacks are superior to whites, and that race mixing is not just good, it's a moral imperative. Second is trap threads. Threads insisting that feminine men are the same as women. That enjoying sex with a man isn't gay, as long as that man is pretty enough. Insisting that attraction to traps is normal, even superior to attraction to women. Third, and finally, are loli/shota threads. Threads with artistic depictions of non-adults engaging in coitus, with social affirmation that it is not illegal, not morally wrong, and not unusual behavior. What the fuck is /b/ trying to condition us for? The threads are too regular and consistent to be anything but the work of bots, so that means someone is botting /b/ to post race mixing, trap, and pedo threads. Personally, I think it's an intellectual and moral subversion. I think someone is trying to encourage and instill the notion that race mixing, traps, and pedo behavior are "normal." Thoughts?


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Don't forget about...


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>>897398964 They are called bots. No one is at a station


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You're guaranteed a top level orgasm if you get spit roasted by black guys


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>>897398964 ,


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>>897398964 Hate most of that shit, hate all the /pol/ spam too, all the lies and division and hate... BUT... /b/ is The Containment Board - it exists only to provide a playground for bots and retards - to try to keep them away from other boards, tho' even that is failing due to the complete lack of worthwhile moderation. It's also easy to see conspiracies, but a lot of this garbage comes from small numbers of mentally-ill people who are utterly fucking DESPERATE for attention and validation. Just look at the logfag spends 12 hours a day replying to himself and bumping hundreds of posts - dumb cunt needs Sectioning. tl;dr - mods and jannies are lazy, incompetent fags and shills


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>>897398964 I make multiple black cock threads every day on many boards just because it's fun and I want to see if others will post black cock to turn me on as well. I make them on here and /sp/, r9k, pol, ck, out, tv, gif, hm, lgbt, mu, o and sometimes others.


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>>897400076 I forgot to mention I'm white and I love black cock. I'm not a bot and never use bots and I'm not part of a group. Lots of people are genuinely turned on by them