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fuck you /b/, fuck all you degenerates. I finally gave in to all the trap shit and gave it a go with one and fuck you guys >be me >meet a trap online cuz trap threads encouraged me >we meet up at her job >she comes out and mess around in her car >so far so good >pulls out benis >umm idk >play with it while she strokes me >she gives me head >my turn >weird but I try to suck my first benis >just as I'm down there her coworkers come out >they all bang on the car >before I can lift my head I feel her manly hands push my head down on benis >I'm being forced to deepthroat >her and her coworkers are loving it >finally let's go and I get air >she kisses and slaps me and her coworkers laugh >I'm sitting there not knowing what to do >I awkwardly leave and drive off >5 blocks down I pull over and cry a bit >wtf just happened!? fuck you /b/, fuck all of you and you sick trap fetishes. I'm still trying to cope with what happened. fuck all of you