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First found on 2022-11-03(21:00:40)

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11/03/22(Thu)20:44:23 No.888465275

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Hello fellow hackers, It has come to my attention that /b/ in its current state is running the risk of growing stale. There's just no variety. Daily rekt threads, big hoss from pawn stars dying every day, trap threads... We need to spice things up, and we need to spice them up now. Here's my proposal-- A new meme. I can't believe nobody has ever thought of this before, but picrel is just the kind of comedic genius that we need to shake things up once and for all. Who's with me? Drop your best Milhouse memes below and we can all rejoice over what will gown down in history as the greatest meme in the universe.


11/03/22(Thu)20:47:53 No.888465406

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If dubs Milhouse is the new top meme dog


11/03/22(Thu)20:49:02 No.888465453

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>>888465275 You need to get through me if you plan on forcing a meme, buddy.


11/03/22(Thu)21:00:24 No.888465858

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>>888465436 too late faggot