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Has anyone noticed that the quality of trap threads has declined with their increase in popularity? There's a trap thread every single day, sometimes thrice a day now, but the average trap poster is now just a regular fag who isn't even trying. The traps of yesteryear were called traps precisely because it was possible to believe that they could trap a straight guy into thinking they were a girl. Now its like fat twinks wearing facemasks and babby's first HRT hons fishing for compliments. And none of them seem to be capable of being sexy, which I'm convinced is because they don't actually have sex. Compare and contrast to traps of days past- Linetrap was a coomer whore IRL, he was constantly hooking up with guys and sucking their dicks. Abby was a scottish crackhead getting fucked by drug dealers. That french trap was literally trapping dudes from bars and clubs IRL Now the average trap is like autistic discord manchildren looking for acceptance, one step removed from some redditor DO I LOOK UGLY? DO I LOOOK FAT?? shit. Fucking gay bro.