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Hey /b/ros, I’m trying to leave 4chan forever. I’m a 20 M on the east coast and I’ve been on here for a while and I’m just tired of it all. I’ve also been making decent progress in other parts of my life like: >went from actually jerking off and cumming 5-10 times a day (two years ago during COVID and before) to three times a day (a few months ago) to only once a day (now) >reduced my porn collection from 1.5 TB to only 252 GB >stopped posting so frequently on /b/ and the few other boards I use I’m just tired of the same stuff over and over. Porn feels like a trap and I get 4chan will forever be a porn board and I honestly don’t care either way. I saw yellow threads the last time they happened and like most things, they might succeed for a bit, but inevitably /b/ goes back to being what it’s best at: a toxic cesspool of porn and race baiting/log threads. It’s fine, you guys rock whatever makes you happy and keeps you entertained, but I hate the feeling of waking up and immediately going on 4chan to see if my thread is still alive/any updates on finding some 12/10’s @ or whatever. I don’t think I’ll outright be able to go cold turkey on leaving 4chan forever, but I’m steadily hoping to decrease how often I go here. I usually make a free photoshops/edits threads on /r/ and only further add to my porn collection on boards like /gif/ but I’m gonna dial it down. I’m in my senior year of college and have a solid FWB and even two girls on the side, something I never had before when I was constantly on here. Whenever I’m bored out of my mind, I usually cave in and end up here, so I’ll do my last ever AMA about my life, the shit I’ve done on 4chan, the stuff I’ve seen at college/here, whatever. AMA /b/ros!


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>>883765405 You do know this place isn't just for porn, right? I've been here since 05 and take long breaks every so often which is nice. You can get back to your old hobbies or start something new you've been thinking about. >I could be out fucking or partying with my boys Do you have those? Boys to be partying with? I stopped that shit in my teens honestly. Anyways best of luck, do what makes you happy.


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>>883765071 Lol, don't forget faggot... >You're here forever. Welcome to hell.


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>>883765933 >it's such a toxic place >in a frat I don't think this site was for you. Like another anon already said though you'll be back. You don't just find 4chan and walk away. This is the site. There is nothing else on the internet and people irl get stale. This is the cool kids table.


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>>883767355 >Porn is a brutal addiction If it helps you feel any better fyi you won't be as horny as you get older. Those desires just fade away. Basically what I'm saying is you're completely normal for your age. >girls we party with at our sister house ಠ_ಠ >I have no idea what those things are, but I'll check em out. Just games. You've likely seen the characters floating around the internet before.


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>>883765071 Not reading all this faggot. Just leave through the back door