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Video game appreciation thread. Farcry 2. First person shooter in a war torn African country, you play as a trapped mercenary getting paid blood diamonds to commit war crimes for both sides. The enemies, allies, terrain, and even the guns are hostile. It's man vs world and there are no good guys.


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Freelancer. An old PC game where you play as a traveling freelancer picking up odd jobs in a small spaceship. You can specialize in cargo hauling, speed, or combat. The main plot is super in depth revolving around conspiracies, galactic politics, and extinct alien tech. The community is still limping on due to some truly impressive mods.


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COD Black Ops. Yeah, everyone's played this game, but still. Fun gameplay, one hell of a story. Playing on the Wii was the best because stupid sensors would make you afk if you weren't careful, also just packed full of "hackers" that would do dumb shit like enable superjump for both sides.


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Spore. 5 smaller games to make one full one. You start out as a microorganism and advance your way through evolution until you reach space exploration. It's a G rated game for kids but it has nostalgia


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ark survival evolved. it's a sandbox survival game where you can tame, breed and raise dinosaurs as well as explore 11 different near-open world maps and build (permanent) structures to live in. single player and multiplayer modes exist, as well as both PVE and PVP (with pve being the easier of the two solo) server options. there are events on certain holidays that make taming, raising and gathering easier on official servers. it's clunky and grindy but it's still the best multiplayer dinosaur game.