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This asshole has to go. I can count on one hand the times he hasn't come into our threads and ruined them with his logless heresy. He and his league of shills have made it completely clear that they will not simply GROW UP, leave us be, and just try to enjoy their blacked trap threads. They will not stop until one side gives. I say we make sure it's their side, and we will best dismantle their terrorist organization by hitting it at its very foundation: their leader, Eustace. To all logposters on /b/, if you see him in our threads, you let him fucking have it. I want him clogged. To non-logposter denizens of /b/, if Eustace isn't an angle in heaven by midnight tonight, you'll see me on the news tomorrow. I'm a man of my word.


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His ass is ejaculating


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