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Fuck, man, it's amazing how the only threads that yield in this chan are about sexuality and sexual matters. What's wrong with you? How can they be so damaged to this point? They only talk about sex, they only think about sex, Monday is the day to talk about sex, Tuesday is the day to celebrate sex, Wednesday is the day to have virtual sex, Thursday is the day to talk about cogufag sex, Friday is the federal Friday of the sex, Saturday is even more fag and sex, and Sunday is the shotamingo of sex. From January to January it's just about sex with movement, I open the catalog is sex, dick, shotas, traps, sex, sex, sex, cute femboys, sexuality, transvestites and fags, sex, fag, and sex. Don't you get tired, animal? Holy crap. Only sex gives movement to this disgrace. In case it's still not clear in your damaged head, there's only sex in this shit, understood? It's sexuality, travel and sex. I think you should kill yourselves, namoral girl. All they think about is sex and all they talk about is sex, my goddamn Jesus, It's all sex in this chan, understand? Just sex. 4chan, the official chan of fag and sex. From 00:00 to 23:59, there's only thread about fag, more fag, and sex. And straight sex is still a rarity in this chan, it's just fag sex. Impressive. Sex is this chan's motto, when you say "good morning" to a 4chan user, the first response that comes to his mind is, "sex".