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I've been on 4chan only for a week and holy shit you guys are some fucking losers. We got Cuck ass bitches who never will get real pussy, We got fucking pedophiles asking for loli threads. We have traps out the ass. not to mention how racist everyone is even tho nun of you pussys would do anything in real life. 4chan is where all the social rejects go to project their shitty life and their shitty dreams. All the threads are made up of horny ass fucking losers who think jurking their dick is what the meaning of life is.


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>>867905410 Man you don't know the half of it. Normie here, You have a literal band of trannies that gaggle together on discord to spam this website with BBC threads and cuck porn to try and upset people. Documented The reason why people are racist is because they don't have any outlet anywhere else. It's pretty low ball if you ask me, yet it can be funny sometimes. Pretty much like a opposing force to the BBC trannies, white supremacists. If there is some truth to their heart, 2 to 19% of West African DNA is non-human prenianderthal ghost species that existed in between Neanderthal and Homo erectus. But a lot of mainstream media won't want that being known. I just come here to try and help people. Spreading information. Like how a low fiber diet can cause gay tendencies weirdly enough. Biologically, your body attaches estrogen to fiber in your intestines to excrete it when it is in excess. With low activity, your body never uses all of the estrogen it produces so it accumulates and can store in fat cells additionally. Excess estrogen can cause gay tendencies. Got people questioning their sexuality and dying from depression out here. Another bit about that would be mineral deficiencies, or vitamin deficiencies, they both affect your body and very similar ways with the onset of their symptoms. Anxiety depression fatigue and irritability. The reason is because fruit and veg farmers in the US aren't incentivized to fertilize their soil with healthy amounts of minerals. You see iron and magnesium act as growth inhibitors to plants. So they get smaller fruit and veg and less of them. The result is mineral depreciated fruit and veg, two and a half times less than 100 years ago by readings. Anyways good luck fixing your diet if you're an average American like I was. Basically got to eat beans everyday cooked in a cast iron skillet. #crackpot4chan


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