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finding a goth gf thread here's the deal I'm a skinny white dude with glasses and kinda geeky. my plan is to get a goth gf 8/10 or higher no fat chicks, traps ,thots, or political extremists just a cool goth chick pic is kinda like what i'm looking for in terms of appearance no real game plan so far other than that i'm really into horror films (very familiar with the halloween, friday the 13th and saw franchises) also a fan of invader zim which could help I know this sounds like a pretty much impossible challenge but I'd like to at least try, and could use some help any thoughts?


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>>864668385 go out and find her dumbass


10/09/21(Sat)02:24:44 No.864668989

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>>864668595 I don't even know where to start looking. Hot Topic possibly? I won't turn 21 for a few more months so bars are off the table for now.