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This is the beginning of a new era in /b/. We have grown tired of your shit threads. You choose to post shit, we will fill your threads with shit. Groomers trying to brainwash boys into becoming traps? Shit covered assholes is something they cannot handle. Associating BBC with human excrement is a worthy and noble cause. If you love /b/, FIGHT FOR IT. Fill their threads with scat. Respond to every single person. SAY NOTHING. NO MATTER THE SITUATION. ONLY POST SCAT. We WANT to bump these threads and keep them alive because they'll just start a new one the moment it dies. Keep their threads alive like heads on spikes to show your dedication and serve as a warning to anyone who dares attempt to destroy this board again. To be clear this is a mission that will take months. You must be patient. You must have a strong stomach or strong fetish. Let's make /b/ great again. And by great we mean the kind of sad shitty board it used to be before these psyops took over. Not doing this for attention so won't be sticking around this thread for the conversation but JOIN US AND FIGHT SHIT WITH SHIT.


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Spare the BBC threads, they are enjoyable.