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/B/. I know this will probably get buried under the 50th fucking Tribute, Loli/Shota, Shouldn't share, Social, Pussy rate or Trap thread, but I wish to document my plan. I intend to pull off one of the smartest things I have done. I am going to commit a heist on Redditards. It's a plan of a few steps, so let me list them off. >Step 1: The opening act: Make a post on some subreddit like confessions or AMA saying I'm going to die. >Step 2: The waiting game: Wait for it to gain traction, if not, delete it and retry a few months later. >Step 3: The heist begins: Say I'm poor and want to leave money to friends and family, say most live too far to give physically >Step 4: Now the real game begins: Open some shitcoin wallet, ask for donations. >Step 5: Getting the fuck out: Ride the cashflow of gullible 20-somethings until they wise up. Then run. >Step 6: The cooldown: Go down in reddit history, come back here a bit, or a lot more richer and infinitely more smug. But, I'd like some help. I want to know what's going to kill me. I don't want to pull the cancer argument, because it's been done. /B/. I ask you, what's killing me?


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