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>be me >genuine oldfag >started browsing /b/ 13+ years ago >leave /b/ to pursue women and getting a life around 8 years ago >come back to 4chan tonight because I'm bored and gf is playing sims >open catalog >faggot threads with traps and femboys, people trying to dox pedophiles, YLYL >someone in a camwhore thread saying "tits or GTFO" >people saying "/b/ is shit now used to be great" >exactly as it was when I left >people still can't triforce >small spark of happiness in my heart Its good to be home. Never change /b/


08/11/21(Wed)01:53:11 No.860793997

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Welcome back you lego maniac. This site is exactly the same as it was, people just don't use the old meme templates anymore, or do caturday as often.


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>>860793997 >caturday it's Scaturday now.


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>>860793597 Welcome back faggot


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