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>discover masturbation at 12 like most boys >quickly realize the orgasm is better if I take longer >makessense.jpg >through browsing /b/ get into bondage and stuff >mostly lesbian >fast forward to 17 or something >kinda curious about a femdom thread >woman locks guy's dick in weird contraption >find out it's a cock cage >hot idea tbh, taking extremely long (even days or weeks) to orgasm. must be insanely intense when it's over >deny myself orgasms for a few days every week >find out there are communities specifically about chastity and whatnot, especially on reddit >more and more intrigued by the idea >get off to those fantasies for 2 or 3 years while the desire to be locked grows >"small cocks belong in chastity" pops up very often in them subreddits >don't have a big cock, don't have a small cock. average and nothing to write home about >suddenly wish I had a small cock >wish so fucking hard it was tiny and useless >ice it down until it shrivels and take pics to post on reddit, like r/sph >get off on the humiliating comments >someone tells me a tiny clit like that needs to be feminized >go along with it by shaving every inch of my body >super desperate still to shrink my dick until it's just a clit so... is this how the descent works for everyone?