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What the fuck happened to you, /b/? When did everyone become a fuck faggot? And before you think I'm just using buzzwords: Tribute threads >>adding penises to pictures of women: faggot; also cuck, if it's also your woman Trap threads >>men who look like women doesn't change the fact that they're men: faggot WWYD threads >>same as tribute only with words and stories instead of images Social threads >>congrats, you found a random picture of a random chick: sad and pathetic; also cuck if you know the girl Girls who should be blacked/shotad/etc >>cuck cuck cuck I get it. You grew up in the porn age and you're more used to watching women get fucked than doing the actual fucking. But fucking christ, take it somewhere else instead of burying /b/ under it.


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>>854904854 You will never be a real man


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>>854904854 Just shills shilling.