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How does it feel to know that this perfect life is already out of the realm of possibility for you? While he was busy developing his social skills, making friends, and meeting girls, you were busy on /b/ radicalizing yourself with delusions of racial superiority. You were busy saging trap threads while he was busying become a skilled sexual tactician, so much so that a cute, fit blonde decided that she in fact would like to have this black man savagely fill her holes every night from now on. All you have is a folder full of memes and a heart full of broken dreams. But at least you're white, right? That used to give you so much joy, and now you look around and all you see is failure. You're woefully underdeveloped physically, emotionally, and intellectually, and you know it, and women can instantly detect that and instinctively avoid you. Sleep tight, white boi. And thanks for being so beta do us black men can give white women what they truly desire.


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Give it a few days and he'll be in jail for murdering her or screaming I can't breathe op. Oh also saging your obvious bait.


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