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When did you realize this board is filled with out of the country shills just fucking america up from the inside installing ideas in peoples minds? How many time a day do you see Made for nigs threads? Traps? Everything is sus in here , why would americans want to destroy themselves? As the world unites against the US OF A the worlds greates country ever these chinks russians and everyone in between tryong to destroy your minds and its working


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>>852772280 You're right anon, we need more people on this board who have true and pure motives, people who solve problems not create problems. That being said can you solve this problem? Assume you have the equation: 2^n * n = 10240 What you do know is the equation, and the number 10240. What you do not know is 'n'. What are all the steps you take to figure out the value of 'n'?