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I need to start this thread by underlining that I am not a fucking roleplayer/fantasy writer and I despise people like that. I've never written a single lie on this website. (at least from what I remember.) Also, yeah I already know that I'm a fag etc. >Be me. >An below average/average looking guy.(well built though) >Poor social skills. >Fantasize about traps for some time. >By some miracle find a 9/10 19 yo femboy on a dating site. >Skinny body, long dense hair, have girly face/makeup soft facial features eyes like an anime girl and thick lips. >Start dating. >Be really surprised that he likes me. >Find out that he is into being dominated. >Hook up a couple of times. >The dates are really cool. >Plan a bdsm date. >Meet again not a long time ago. >Force him to make a great girly makeup. >Watch movies. >The time finally comes. >Say "Bend over and spread your legs you little bitch" >He responds with "O-okay daddy". >Choke him and start spanking his ass. (I am a 6.4 220 lbs guy) >Take off my leather belt. >At some point start beating him up until his small peachy shaped ass is all swollen and bloody. >Slap his face a couple of times. >Fully feminize him into with lingerie (stockings, panties, bra etc.), shaving his whole body. >Tie his small balls really tightly. >Hit both them and his ass with the belt. >Fuck his tight ass in all possible positions. >Fuck him with a 4 cm buttplug wide open. >Wtf his ass starts gaping just like in porn. >Cum into his throat while I'm DTing it. (first time in my life) >He pukes with wine. >I'm literally in heaven. >The next day pierce his ass with a 4.7 cm buttplug (his current limit) while he almost cries. Did I have a good weekend /b/? I hope at least some


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