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Why can't I shake off the feeling that this board is flooded with complete retards. And I don't mean the funny ones, I mean the complete cringe retards posting all day about BBC, falling for obvious baits and giving femanons what they want before they show boobs. This is just utterly madness. /b/ changed and I guess it's time to move on. You're just not funny anymore guys. You're a bunch of idiots who just tries to shitty bait each other, fall for it and pretend to knew all along. All you do is try to trigger each other instead of people out there who deserve it to get triggered. >inb4 not your personal army Yeah well fuck you I know /b/ do what it pleases but it changed although and It don't seem in a good direction. Remember when you came to /b/ for lulz and raids? For actually random threads about random things and not the same Furry/whiteboytrigger/political/trap shit threads. Jeez >inb4 lol didn't read Idgaf Tldr: Fuck you /b/, you're shit now. Also hail Queen Boxxy and not some fucking random tiktok slut. I quit