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time for the Tranny/Trap/Multigender/femboy rekt thread


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>>848780246 In the near future, Coom-unism flourishes, and all jobs have been eliminated and replaced with automated dick-girl robots controlled by the A.I. Tranny Overlord - Bapho-miqua. Humanity now lives in a new economic system, "The Coomer-Based Economy." All men are now effeminate simps, and the ruling class, the thirteen families of trannys and butch dykes, have taken over all the government jobs to implement Coomer-Shariah across the entire planet. If a Simp-Boy "Man" hasn't ejaculated ten times into a public semen receptacle, and received his ten, "Good-Boy-Simp Stars," he's raped to death in the streets by big black rubber dildos from Baphomiqua, and her army of dick-girl robots. If a simp-boy "man" wants to eat, he has to exchange his GBSS, Good-Boy-Simp-Stars, at a public terminal to receive his daily ration of Good-Boy-Coomer-Cubes. Coomer Cubes™ are compressed semen cubes fortified with vitamins and minerals, and are the international food of the Simp Class. It's everything the body needs. Many of the members of government champion the ideological ethos, "The coom must flow," and "Let them eat coom." Meanwhile, the tranny overlords are eating meals garnished with the penises, testicles, prostates, and semen of the most alpha of their male stock. To have enough simps at your disposal to enjoy this delicacy, is a sign of luxury. This is just as you would slaughter a chicken, instead of waiting for it to produce eggs. Regardless, with Coomer-Shariah in place, the tranny and dyke overlords are now able to extract as much coom as possible to fill their fields of artificial wombs which bio-engineer and produce new waves of effeminate simps to be used, abused, and consumed, with the ultimate goal of genetically engineering the perfect tranny hermaphrodite supersoldier which mirrors and represents their beloved A.I. Overlord, Baphomiqua.


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>>848780566 > all religions are against body mutilation


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