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>Be Me >Be 18 >No GF, zero social skills >No future, porn addict >Start looking at trap threads >get turned on, order cage on Amazon >Put it on, feels right Is this my future? Please help me, /b/ros...


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it is, better get some lingerie next


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>>847608776 >>847609437 Cont.... OP, you are wasting you life. You will never know what it's like to experience stuff like finding a swamp while looking for deer and wild pigs.


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>>847609483 >Some of us were never meant to be men Are you XY? If so you were meant to be a man, a real man, and not a sissy faggot. Find public hunting lands, buy a gun, and go hunting you faggot.


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>>847609852 >> Implying only forever alone rednecks can wilderness If you faggots would get off 4chan and do something we would have more white babies. Chicks dig men who can hunt and fish.


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