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First found on 2021-02-08(05:45:14)


02/08/21(Mon)05:11:45 No.846854691

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Need some quick opinions on a trap /b/rothers. Should I holler at this trap, or pass? Also general mental illness thread I guess.


02/08/21(Mon)05:27:19 No.846855350

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>>846855197 I will also take this advice to heart. >>846855249 Interesting. Any pointers on befriending vs trying to poke bussy?


02/08/21(Mon)05:43:04 No.846855983

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I’ve fucked two girls in the ass, and never noticed a shit smell. I keep hearing bussy sex smells like shit tho. Is this truer with traps somehow? If so how strong would you rate the smell from 1-10