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>ITT - We summon the mods to ban all the discord tranny and trap threads. (also sticky this thread) It is time mods, this is long overdue and we call upon your based powers once again. We have seen that you're capable or removing degeneracy on this board, and I'm not talking about loli/shota/fur, not you typical degenerate shit that stays in their own containment thread. I'm of course referring to all the shitty porn threads, the cuckold threads, the social threads that should be on /soc/, the BBC threads, and of course the Trap and Tranny threads. Nobody wants to speak out against this shit, that's why I'm hear to speak on the behalf of all the lurkers who are sick and tired of this bad content shitting up the board. Yes /b/ was never good, but remember when cuck BBC shit and faggot traps never used to exist? We need that back so the tendies can flow once again. Remember all the umad whiteboi BBC threads? You see a couple floating around now, but nowhere near as many as there used to be, the great nigger purge drastically reduced the amount of that shit on the board, it does work if the mods are willing to ban it. Based mods, abuse the fuck out of the "no rules apply to janitors" rule and ban this shit, we are with you. Godspeed.