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First found on 2021-01-14(19:15:07)

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01/14/21(Thu)18:38:03 No.844850027

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>*picture of white girl* Built for BBC >I have a black gf >*picture of black dick* How does this make you feel >*picture of black dick* How can white bois compete >*picture of black man fucking white woman* THIS IS EVOLUTION >Trap thread 1 >Trap thread 2 >Trap thread 3 >Gay stories >Shouldnt share 1 >Shouldnt share 2 >Shouldnt share 3 >Social 1 >Social 2 >Social 3 >Would you fuck my wife???? >Asian women general 1 >Asian women general 2 >Asian women general 3 >Cuck general >Girls you have nudes of >Loli / Shota threads >Recognize threads Its getting boring.


01/14/21(Thu)18:39:24 No.844850142

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>>844850027 /b/ was never good


01/14/21(Thu)19:02:08 No.844852017

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bring spiderman threads to /b/, and itll all heal


01/14/21(Thu)19:05:06 No.844852230

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>>844850027 I swear half of it are bits to drive up unique IPs and collect ad rev. Its insane to think about damaged by childhood sexual trauma you must be to post those threads 24 hours a day. They are literally a Google search in thread form.


01/14/21(Thu)19:08:23 No.844852477

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