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Civ Thread >Dawn arises on the sunlit valley. No traps or niggers anywhere to be seen. Town name: N/A Population: 4 Dubs decides town name


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>>843720099 Got em. >The settlement of Bonerville is erected and a town center is constructed. Dubs decides what population does next.


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>>843720499 >The hardworking Bonerians enter their town center to acquire seeds. All they find are beans. Good sustenance, sure, but this town gains a reputation of flatulance. >A flag begins to billow above the town center. A bright violet cock. Glorious. Town Name: Bonerville Population: 4 Structures: Town Center, Bean Crops


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>>843721455 >Blue spinny portals upon up above Bonerville. 4 beings fall out. One's a chinaman. The other's a jigaboo.The remaining 2 are big breasted swedish women. Town Name: Bonerville Population: 7 Town stuff: Town Center, Bean Crops, A black guy


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>>843720052 catalinaville


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>>843722300 >Jimmy Coonson explodes after the Bonerians chant an old demonic song. Standing in the wake of the gore and viscera is the lord, Dre'thuak. He commands the Bonerians to kneel and they do such. His voice booms, 'Dubs decides what the fuck we do next' Town Name: Bonerville Population, human: 7 Population, magic: 1 Town stuff: Town Center, Bean Crops, Black Guy Guts dubs


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>>843723288 >'Everybady pree gatha roun. My bean stohe open so goo tooday, jus wan sank you very muh for arr da ssistance with the mega crop-oh-oh no. What is that?!' >A red fire drake from the North descends upon the village. The chinaman grabs a pitchfork. Nothings gonna ruin his beanery. EVENT! Red dragon has attacked. Town Name: Bonerville Population, human: 7 Population, magic: 1 Town stuff: Town Center, Mega-Bean Crops, Bean store