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I enjoy the new meme that if you post a Joe Biden thread to annoy Trump supporters, a Trump supporter will immediately fall for it and try to drunk on you by assuming you're a trans person. The level of defeated desperation is amazing, and it mixes well with the lack of awareness that trans people don't post on /b/ outside of trap threads, and you can't offend those ones. Things have just been getting better and better since Trump lost the election. I'm really looking forward to the next Trump supporter defeatist coping tactic after January 20th.


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>>843322723 >Joe Biden is on camera saying he wanted to cut Social Security like 4 times. No, that never happened. You can't just spout words and think anyone will believe your nonsense.


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>>843322976 I'm not here for political discussion, I'm here to waste peoples time and emotional energy. If I wanted actual political discussion 4chan would be the last place I would look.


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>>843323662 At this point the US can only laugh at like, North Korea and maybe a few central African republics. But your infrastructure and corrupt government is so bad you may as well be a central African republic. You probably think I'm European because your third world level education is so poor Anerican children can't even find the US on a map. Your last president was a reality tv show host and your next one is a denial pedophile. You can laugh at other countries but it won't magically improve the situation in which you are trapped. The US is #1 at one thing however, covid cases lmao. If you don't die of starvation, covid, toxic water, car accident on unkept roads, being shot at a public place, not being able to buy healthcare, gang violence, right wing terrorism, or obesity, I hope you have a good 2021.


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>>843322356 Ole joe is always in the news To bad it’s always got to do with his criminal activity he’s involved in


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Always in the news lol good ole sniffer joe