Trap thread ID: 842870086

First found on 2020-12-22(01:30:22)

Multiply Bitcoin X10,000 Initial Bet


12/22/20(Tue)00:45:58 No.842870086

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No Kik thread? Fix it. Now. Kik: Akisdafathuck 27/M/KY, muscular Daddy dom. Need a slut to make me cum, in the roughest, nastiest, most abusive ways. Femanons and traps welcome. Especially open to meeting up if near 502. now you


12/22/20(Tue)01:00:42 No.842870867

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jaybird706 20M, looking for a girl to sext with. sellers need not message


12/22/20(Tue)01:08:11 No.842871226

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Finally tricked my sister to suck me off kik her vanessua


12/22/20(Tue)01:21:32 No.842871898

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