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ITT: We make predictions for the year 2021. >It's now illegal for film companies to not have at least a 50%+ black cast >Reparation talks have re-surfaced and white men will be taxed out of their paychecks (California will obviously be the first to pass this) >Traps will become more normalized and more states will start to allow people to put whatever they want as their gender on their driver ID >Popular social media outlets will develop bots to automatically shadow-ban anyone with right leaning opinions, not just the extremists >There will be a push to get rid of lethal weapons from law enforcement as the BLM movement grows bigger >Online activity will be monitored and turned into a safe space for everyone with fines and imprisonment time for violating these new rules >/b/ is now exclusively fap, trap and BBC threads (we're honestly not far off), mods have been screened to ensure they all have "activist" "blm" and a pro-noun in their Twitter bios