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What's the demographic of this board now? Is it Gen Z femboys? >People actually give money to girls via Onlyfans >Posting random pics of girls pretending it's their cousin, sister, wife, gf >WWYD, social threads >An increasing number of trap threads >An increasing number of not just liberals but people who reek of /r/politics tier cringe >BBC and "u mad white boi" posts increasing >Self-hating white femboys What happened to my oldfags? Where everyone was a depressed alcoholic who came here to shitpost and lurk?


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12/15/20(Tue)11:02:12 No.842383124

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>>842382436 The worst thing on /b/ now is the bleed over from /pol/ (which also used to have better nazis). Not only are the posts shit, but they chased away all former posters. /b/ used to move so fast you couldn't keep track of the threads. Lots of edginess, but now it's mostly people who genuinely believe whatever nonsense they're posting here, after all their family defriended them on facebook. I miss the good old days of keeping the nigger from getting to page 10. Pic related, favorite meme.


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Bring back Snacks.


12/15/20(Tue)11:12:08 No.842383573

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>>842382436 Change is the only constant, anon. Just be glad we had those times.


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>>842384528 State mandated gay and government sponsored minorities


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>>842383728 Every thread stays up now. /b/ used to move so fast you couldn't keep up with anything. And I don't think you understand the history of /b/


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>>842382436 miss those days. now it's "am female subscribe :)! And have faggots arguing about politics and other dense shit


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>>842382436 This is society now ENjoy the decline of our culture and suck the black dick of Biden