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Top Rated Desensitizing Anal Lube For Couples


10/24/20(Sat)09:15:03 No.838520972

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hey this is my first thread so ples no bulli :D hopefully you guys like my virgin kinda trap butt :D and i geuss here's my discord Booba #6470 and yes this is how i deal with my personal porblems by doing this and fyi im basicly open for everything


10/24/20(Sat)10:16:45 No.838523272

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>>838521800 >>838522256 >>838522327 thanks i geuss? :D and i swear to god if any of you rag on me for having name of phone in bottom right corner imma be sad :c and i dont have thigh highs so had to improvice and tried to give you guys pic with least make but seem better angle and just watching some sup com :)


10/24/20(Sat)11:10:54 No.838525513

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>>838525276 something like this?


10/24/20(Sat)11:39:39 No.838526951

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>>838525513 tbh dont like the pic i took to much but maybe you guys will these pics are hard for me to take lel and sadly dont have any toys :c


10/24/20(Sat)12:09:07 No.838528421

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FYI i have a pretty nice jiggle/squish vid but cant send vi here saldy so if you guys want that message me on discord my tag is still above


10/24/20(Sat)12:31:55 No.838529549

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>>838528912 lel btw what do you guys think of the bra becuse i fucking love it need to go excersise a bit more quarantine doing the chub to me


10/24/20(Sat)13:00:11 No.838530887

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NOTE: im fine if you guys send my pics to poeple and put in threads just atleast send me the responses curious what poeple think now and its pretty hot ngl SO PLEASE DM ME THE RESPONSES :DDDD