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First found on 2020-08-12(12:30:39)


08/12/20(Wed)10:37:33 No.834113306

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Mod left for a few hours and the trash spamming is back full fucking force. Have you faggots nothing better to do than only posting bbc/shouldntshare/social/trap/loli garbage threads all day? I just don't understand it.


08/12/20(Wed)11:15:27 No.834114749

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>>834113970 Traps too. But don't try to appeal to logic with these cum guzzling faggots, lolibro. These newfags will always hate you.


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Taste of the old days was nice. How did /b/ go from closing pools to being a softcore porn site. I just wish the MAP/loli niggers can get their own board and social/shouldntshare/aforementioned-in-OP bullshit gets pushed onto the porn boards


08/12/20(Wed)11:55:38 No.834116512

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>>834113464 some of this, is unironically shill threads. While I am not some tin foil hat wearing /pol/ack, but specifically the BBC shit is being shilled in every board, culture and porn. It is a media propaganda tool used to emasculate the white men. Same goes for the trans/trap shit


08/12/20(Wed)12:01:25 No.834116782

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I dont understand anyone who would come to 4chan for porn... You got other far far far far far better sites for porn like pornhub (it also includes actual child porn!) and if you wanna talk to someone on the internet about porn for some fucked up reason you got reddit and the comments on pornhub, and if you really insist on going to 4chan for porn then just go to porn boards, and if you want loli go to other hentai sites they got LOOOAAADS of loli for yah, just fuck off from /b/ coomers!