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I'm a recovering/detransitioning trap We were discussing in another thread and people honestly seemed interested. So go ahead and ask me anything anons. No, i prob won't post pics so don't bother asking. i don't want to get dragged back into that mental state. =)


08/10/20(Mon)16:13:41 No.834008824

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>>834007847 dude i am 1.66m , 5'5 and i've never felt there was a single problem with my size, its not something I can change. Best you and me can do is just muscle up a little bit and be confident, never had a girl made fun or reject me due to my size.


08/10/20(Mon)16:34:06 No.834009699

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>>834008803 dont do this. use porn every 11 days. I mean use it to jerk off. Or just jerk off. Ok thats what i actually mean. Jerk off every 11 days.


08/10/20(Mon)16:42:46 No.834010183

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Do you feel like you've lost anything during this whole timeline? Do you feel masculine right now? What is masculinity to you anyways? Also what in your head are the goals/results/endgame you're trying to travel towards? How common do you think deconversion for traps/mtf/ftm/nb is? Also I recall reading a story about how since most kids are now at home doing remote learning, the majority of them have detransitioned? And finally, how much of this de-transition process was catalyzed by porn? Or does porn make you want to transition back to trapdom? You are a beautiful person and I wish you the best. ooh one last question, What question would you tell a questioning child to ask themselves that would help them make a decision to transition or to detransition?


08/10/20(Mon)16:44:02 No.834010266

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>>834007365 What do you think about "trans kids"?


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>>834010213 >I don't think she's larping. I think she likes showing off her hot little hole and she's struggling not to because she thinks the decision not to will make her choice to quit living as a female more valid. But life's too short for that bullshit. I think she should us her asshole because we enjoy it and she'll enjoy knowing I'm cumming to it at the end of the day an asshole is an asshole regardless of what gender you wanna give to it. If it's attached to a hot ass, I want to see it.


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>>834010511 >send pics you pathetic faggot >>834010548 >You don’t have to be lonely, let me fuck you