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First found on 2020-08-10(02:00:13)

Top Rated Desensitizing Anal Lube For Couples


08/10/20(Mon)00:46:37 No.833974256

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So are the porn threads actually being cleansed? No more cuck, porn addict, BBC, or trap faggotry?


08/10/20(Mon)00:47:58 No.833974339

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I hope the loli threads aren't being cleaned- there's no other board that allows it.


08/10/20(Mon)01:18:07 No.833975832

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>>833974339 Right, I almost forgot to include that utter garbage in the list too. Purge away, mods.


08/10/20(Mon)01:40:31 No.833976871

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>>833976829 >>833976702 >HUR DUR /b/ IT´S JUST PORN NOW You can still post wathever you want- >HUR DUR /b/ IT´S JUST PORN NOW


08/10/20(Mon)01:45:10 No.833977080

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>>833976925 >I love capitalism baby


08/10/20(Mon)01:50:29 No.833977310

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>>833977238 Yes anon I´m all of those threads! Fear the power of the COOM!!!!