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I've been lurking /b/ for some time now and I noticed how absolutely gone to shit it's become. Few humans left honestly, mostly bots or people with agendas spamming a majority of the propaganda. The few humans left are hardly even human anymore. It's just a shit hole with dumb fucks that believe in conspiracy and lunacy. They prop up shit data or misinterpret good data for the sake of their own identity. All the retards doubling down on Trumps stupidity at every chance and grasping at straws to defend him, it's sad. The low cognitive ability of these idiots really ruins the board. It's not even fun here. Just forced andy sixx memes and BBC cuck thread propaganda. As much shit as reddit gets around here at least people there aren't a complete cesspool of racism and mental retardation. Reddit isn't perfect but it's better than this shit hole. Plus they banned The_Donald so that's a move in the right direction. Have fun with those trap/BBC/cuck/sissy/logposter memes. /b/ died a long time ago. I'm out.


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>>832087974 average /b/tard


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>>832088034 kek


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>reddit censorship