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Get It Off Your Chest thread Venting is healthier than bottling it up and becoming a murder puppet for some /b/-tard wanting to make an innocent person become prison rape bait I’m fucking sick of Traps. All of you closet faggots need to go to the LGBT forums and stay the Fuck off /b/. Raping someone’s eyes because your relative/friend/stranger raped your asshole is NOT ok. What happened to you, I agree, is fucked up and shouldn’t have happened. But, STOP! Stop running for attention like a child. Even the very name “trap” is NOT attractive. It’s a red flag of issues. Stop being a Red Flag and be something “Positive” to look at. If you don’t want to be treated like trash, stop making yourself INTO trash! I can’t force you to change any more than you can force me to change. Start an OnlyFans. FUCK. OFF!! Also thanks to all who refused to put a mask on. Your actions are reducing the human population and making this world a cleaner place. Less people in this world means less trash and less headaches. Keep up the good work of the only way to murder mass populations and not be responsible out of sheer stupidity. Really great teamwork soon all the stupid people will be dead!