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Cum Goblin thread >Be me 15 >I had never encountered anything odd up until that point, my life had been relatively normal... then I found him. >The Goblin lived in the crawl space in the ceiling and whenever I would leave my room the little shit would steal my cum rag and add it to his growing nest in the air ducts. >At the Time I thought it was just a raccoon living in the crawl space, but one day I came back and caught him in the act > Frankly I was stunned, I never thought creatures like him existed, but when I saw him there, holding my cum rag in his hands I knew it had been that little bastard all along. >A mix of fear and anger lead me to lunging at him trying to grab him, he was too agile for my impulsive and untrained actions, he quickly climbed up my dresser and into my closet. >I looked frantically but couldn't find him, I had no idea where he went. I knew I had to do something about that little bastard, so I laid a trap