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I want to post a message to all the straight but curious anons on this board right now browsing cock and trap threads. You are not gay, You are not bisexual, or curious, or questioning, or going through an experimental phase. You are simply so desensitized by all the kinds of porn one can find in today's time that sex as such no longer arouses you, but you have totally conflated the ideas of arousal and taboo. You probably have heard the term "boipucci" so many times now that you might even believe it's something other than a dude's arsehole. You might have ironically called someone "she" enough that you honestly think traps aren't just faggot men in stockings. But once you are there yourself, and realize that not only does he not touch you like a girl, or look like a girl, or that he is not a fucking girl, you will realize that this must have been one hell of a series of serious conscious mistakes that got you to this position. Your disgust for yourself will be legendary. You won't be able to sleep, eat, or look at yourself in the mirror, possibly never again, because you have done something so low and disgusting and sad and you can never take it back. Even if nobody else will ever know, you do. So get the fuck off the trap threads. Hell, get the fuck off /b/ and 4chan altogether, whatever it takes to stay the fuck away from gay shit. It will hurt parts of you that you really don't want to hurt.