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Why the hell is there so much gay, tranny, trap, shemale shit on this site now?!! There's a damn board for all you fags. Every damn time I come here there's one disgusting thread after another on /b and /gif. Too many to even go through and hide before I see your sick shit. Disease ridden, nasty fuckin shit. This site didn't used to be like this. This isn't bait, I'm fucking serious. Take you fag asses to /lgbt


06/03/20(Wed)21:36:12 No.829187424

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I'm not sure, my goyium gentile. Its not the file name


06/03/20(Wed)22:10:00 No.829189809

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>>829187300 Mentally ill people looking for attention.


06/03/20(Wed)22:10:07 No.829189820

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>>829187300 >>829189285 >>829187972 thank me later


06/03/20(Wed)22:10:24 No.829189843

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I dunno man, bailey jay was literally raised on 4chan for example. 4chan has always been full of fags. Didn't you know moot is a crossdresser?


06/03/20(Wed)22:13:18 No.829190085

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