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It's time to fight back for once in our Larping lives /b/ Going on for multiple years ,this board has been under attack and we all do nothing and go out without a fight.Everyday the same shitty: 2-3 Cock rate threads, 3-4 Trap threads, 3-5 zoophile threads, is it ok to hit a woman thread/killing a nigger is the same as flushing toilet/2-3 random bbc threads and etc get spammed daily for every week throughout every month for every year.The threads that some anons don't mind :" *insert US state/random country win threads* and daily secrets threads are being posted less/going down in quality and receiving less attention as well.Discordfags/redditfags/whos are trying to burn the already torn apart board and we do nothing while even the normal porn that's been spammed forever slowly gets converted into zoophile,trap,and just gay porn.We need more story threads, more feels threads, argument threads,etc. The random reddit spacing threads that include either: Donald Trump , Jogger, hitler/nazis, corona virus, etc are better and higher quality then the cock rate threads that seem to be growing daily.To outdo the spammers we must outspam them with precopy pasted good threads as they do to us.Instead of "does anybody have her onlyfans? hello?? is this thing on?" threads, we have more:"/feels/ thread ,sitting at work, drinking coffee hearing about the michigan flood bullshit, wife just came home told me shes pregnant, what are you doing anons" and much more variety can be expanded from these pre copy pasted threads as well,that arent the same Ohio Wins thread every 3 hours that never reach image limit and die just to be reposted with the same photos like all of it's different location twin threads.Drop some Copypaste thread ideas you have in mind/ or that you would actually post daily/making copy pastes for others anons to post daily as well. We can make /b/ less shit together. We don't have to bot/spam every hour, but if 2/3 anons chip in daily it'll make a difference


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>>828474709 This shit sounds gay as fuck. More feel threads? What a faggot. Fuck off OP >pic related